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"I wish I had known................."

Welcome to the Balonne Shire and its rural towns.

Many residents enjoy magnificent water views. Water is the life-blood of our shire.
We use it for recreation, it sustains our communities and agricultural production.


Visitors to St George comment on the beauty of the town, gardens and the riverside walkway.
Many mature flowering trees line the streets. The Bauhinia trees in Victoria Street attract much attention in early spring with their beautiful purple, pink and white flowers. The Jacaranda trees line the streets in mauve with an impressive display in November.


"Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans" attributed to Allen Saunders
and maybe that’s how you feel right now…that you’re living on ‘fast forward’…
that one way or another, you’re missing out on real quality of life…
that somewhere, somehow, there’s a better way to live, work and play…
a place where your career can take off …
where people still take the time to stop and talk…
where the pace and style of living gives you back your life...
the real journey begins in a country town!


A rural town or community might just be that place you’ve been searching for with affordable housing, and great community values, offering you a life that is worth exploring. So have a browse around this website for a glimpse of  life in a rural region or a country town. is packed with information on accommodation, services, businesses, community organisations, real estate, employment, calendar of events and attractions.  All necessary information for researching your move to our district.

Contact the Balonne Shire Council's Visitor Information Centre  for more specific information.
The VIC is situated at the corner of Roe Street and The Terrace, St.George.
Phone: 07 4620 8877

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