Mainly Music


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MAINLY MUSIC Will be starting again next week Monday 4th Feb at 9:30am in the INC church (Hill street). $3 a child or $5 per family (first week trial free!). Babies Free Mainly music is a fun group for babies, toddlers and young children (0-5yrs). Children develop numeracy, literacy and social skills as they dance and sing to music. Morning tea is provided as well for children and parents to chat together at the end of the session. If you’ve never been please come and try it out! Babies very welcome! 😁

Young Leaders Bursary Program


Liz Hill 0 32
Re: 2019 Balonne Young Leaders Bursary Program The Balonne Shire Council recognises positive contribution that young people as emerging and current leaders make to our community. The Balonne Young Leaders Bursary celebrates the achievements, vitality and strength of young people in the Balonne Region who have set an example through their leadership and drive. The objectives of the bursary are to: Acknowledge and highlight the achievements of young people in the Balonne region Educate the general public with examples of youth achievement Develop a sense of pride for the region Build self-confidence through rewards for excellence Provide role models and mentors for our youth by highlighting their achievements and the pursuit of excellence Develop and encourage leadership and life skills for youth in the Balonne region Nominations are now open for the Balonne Young Leaders Bursary male and female residents aged 15 to 30 years are eligible to be nominated. Council invites your community group to nominate an eligible young person for the bursary. Self-nominations are excepted. The Young Leaders Bursary will coincide with National Youth Week celebrations with the successful candidates being announced during National Youth Week. The recipients of the bursary will receive $1,500 each to contribute towards professional or personal development training. The guidelines and nomination form have been enclosed and they can also be viewed on Council’s website Nominations close 4pm Friday 8th March 2019. Should you have any queries please contact the Community Development Officer on or (07) 4620 8888. Regards Liah Hayden Community Development officer

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