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Health Info

South West Health and Hospital

South West Health Hospital Service:
Practicing good hygiene and strictly complying with social distancing practices remain our most important actions as we continue to prepare for the forward impacts.

We all play a key role in modelling this behaviour in our communities. Locally, we remain unwavering in our actions across a broad range of scenarios – adjusting and delivering what we need to do to prepare as conditions change each and every day. We are continuing to work very closely with all partners involved at all levels of this response.

The commitment of our staff and our partner organisations has been of the highest calibre, and the sense of working together and supporting one another has been palpable - and impressive. I thank everyone involved for the spirit in which they have approached this work together.

Please continue to take care of yourself and one another.
Thank you for staying connected through our SWHHS Facebook as our key source of local updates.

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