Isolated Children's Parents' Association StGeorge

ICPA is:
A nonprofit, voluntary, non-political, educational lobby group that “seeks to achieve equality of access to
 education for geographically isolated children”.
ICPA has:
Had a major impact on government policies in rural areas since its inception.
Helped reduce the movement of families to larger urban areas to seek alternative modes of education for their children.
The St George Branch get together four times a year and discuss education issues that concern us and our families.
Eg. Air-conditioning for inland schools, teacher aide time in prep classes, how to attract student teachers to our small schools, 
AIC and Living Away From Home Allowance, bus fares for students who are bypassing a primary school for different reasons.
The local branch forward motions to the State Conference. If the motions get accepted ICPA Qld lobby relevant government bodies to
 address the issue. Federal and State levels of ICPA lobby for education improvements in regional Australia.


Every year the branch awards a bursary to a year 7 student to help with setting up for high school. The bursary is open to
any year 7 student whose family is a member of our branch. Students sit for the exam during the 2nd term of school.



St George ICPA received a $1000.00 donation from the Nindigully B&S in 2006.
 The donation was highly appreciated and we thank the Nindigully B& S committee for it.
We used the money towards our new program that encourages young student teachers to come out west to do their University practice.
We have focused on the small schools of Begonia and Wycombe.
A donation will be made to a student teacher attending each school to help compensate them for expenses such as rent still to be paid back in the city, or for the loss of wages from their part-time jobs. It is hoped that students who experience working in our smaller schools & being part of our rural community  will be more interested and willing to come back and work here later on as a teacher.

Your local branch:

President: Mrs.Lisa Southern, "Redbank", Thallon Qld 4497 Ph 07 4625 9646

Secretary: Mrs.Michelle Freshwater"Overflow", Mitchell Qld 4465 Ph 074625 7538

Treasurer: Mrs. Gabrielle Underwood, Yarran Downs, St.George Qld 4487 Ph 07 4625 5440

If you have any concerns about education in our rural town and surrounding area please come and join us.
We welcome your support. Just call the executive to find out more about the St George branch of ICPA.

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