Balonne Sports Store

    Family  Business  Flair  
Roo Shooting
memorabilia on display. 

 Balonne Sports Store
Steve & Joan Margaritis
108 Victoria Street
St George Q 4487
P: 07 4625 3490
F: 07 4625 4690
 Specialists in outdoor and hunting
"It has to be seen to be believed".
This world-class collection
has been
 by Steve Margaritis over
 a period of more than 40 years. 
A private collection
 which has been
 in World Expos.
It is permanently housed
 at the Balonne Sport Store.
   Stevie Jean's  Coffee Shop  
   The Original Bowen Technique

Accredited Practitioner
Panorea Margaritis
P:0408 788 700


A Unique Man
The book is available
  Balonne Sports Store.

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